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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I have not been blogging le..
so sianz..
there is no motivation to do it..
life has been so far so gd bah.. i guess so..

hope tht everything will turn better as it go.
I wish it will turn better as times goes by..
not so emo le bah? I can say so..
Mayb when u grow up the priority of ur life changes, and u see things in a totally different perspective.

and my shifu is leaving le... hais... but sitl thanks for ur guidance! =D

12:47 PM,
love is floating in the air

Sunday, July 3, 2011

im finally back after so long..

i have already passed the legal age ...

glad that i m still standing strong like how i used to be..
dono how long i can still last for..
however, i will try my best to stand strong..

new job.. new job scope .. i will try my best to do well de...
though i m still not good at it... i will improve and jiayou~

a lot of things happen during these 3 mths
however, i don really can recall much..
so treat it as i have come so far ya..

and i wanna thnk all my frenzies for all the cool birthday celebration they planned for me..
their thoughtful present and also always being there for me..

xie xie ni men...
i m collecting a lot of teddy bears..
nt only teddy but bears..
hahah having more n more bears in my house!!
so happi!!

though my special teddy left but i stil have alot which accompany me...

7:00 PM,
love is floating in the air

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Been long since i updated...
no mood and also dono what to write....

mood swings still will come but it is gettin betta...
I hope i will be doin fine..
uncertainty are rising...
but i will try to do well...


i wish alot of things will get better and i will work hard to persevere on!

4:49 PM,
love is floating in the air

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hi Bloggie
It is been long since i updated

My life has been good
routine days..
Work .. weekends
work ... weekends
Been busy with events...
saving up for the festive seasons
dint have much time to meetup with friends

It also makes me realise
when ur nt in the proximity
ppl tend to 4gt abt u
thn they wont ask u out anymore
they wont even sms to send regards...
however life stil has to go on =D

Wanna thnk all my cute siblings at workplace
for always accompanying me =P
I will jiayous de le
wont let ur down one!

need to make alot alot of decisions
make me so lost
hais why decisions so diff to make =x

I wish I wish i will get to a decision soon
as for other things i think i have no time to think over it
Fighting Fighting!!

Jiayous!! Happy lunar new yr!!
The Triplet having its CNY promo!

The Triplet

3:06 PM,
love is floating in the air

Saturday, January 1, 2011


time to set new resolutions!!

my new year resolutions is to
work harder in all aspects!
learn to sing better!
learn some basic baking!
be more positive!

11:58 AM,
love is floating in the air

Sunday, December 26, 2010

lil updates!
went to unnie 21st birthday party
had lots of fun!!!

den back to work !! jiayous!!

this christmas have been stayin at home to slack ...
bt gt lots of chocs from fren and also lil pressie from boss
thnk u !! =P

2:22 PM,
love is floating in the air

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life has been great!

Firstly unnie birthday celebration is over..
sang alot of SHINEE song!! Whee!!!
hope everyone enjoyed themselves...
i really enjoyed myself! see ya guys this sat~~~

Alot of lighting and fun with my gomawon sisters!!
alot of Teddy Bear's!!
they make me happy!!
our 3 years promise counting down!!~~ =DD

This weekend and next weekend there is alot of fren birthday celebration and stuff!!
looking fwd to catch up with my frens! esp kor hehe

Back to work from break
engine is started so lets go!!!
Hwaiting! Fighting!

lastly, ending with a teddy!

u are my only teddy
however ur goingg to leave me soon
I wish i never had u by my side at all...

9:32 PM,
love is floating in the air

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hi Hi

Short updates

Recently Im on a short break
erm abit boring cos rested too muchie

but recently i had so much fun!
gg dinner with frens
seeing christmas lightings...
Eating steamboat outside for the first time!
Went to turft city...
Went to JP aft so long~~
ate wan zhai for the first time =DD

Hope i wil recharge myself to the fullest during this period
hwaiting everyone!

o ya
went to see my first kpop idol
Baek Seung Jo!! whom is our hyun joong oppa
went nt too early
bt nt too late i guess
i was still quite in front of e queue
But i was being submerged by cameras
being squashed like a sardine hahahs~~~
and i nw realise i mux being headpiece next time
cos alot of girls was screaming oppa at a veri high pitch in my ear....

but he is still so cute =D
saranghae seung jo ya!!

9:09 PM,
love is floating in the air

Sunday, October 17, 2010

yoooo blog rotted le
nth much to talk abt
no mood to blog bah
everyone enjoy take care

and and wht i wanna sae
i love baek seung jo
put a few pict of him bah

1:49 PM,
love is floating in the air

Saturday, September 18, 2010

After laoda celebration the two girls wentt hommeee

i went to see jeno liu


her singing is so powerful and nice
she is veri pretty in person =DD
and i reali think her fc is veri united and supportive
i am so envious of the chair of the fc where the club is so successful whereas i look at mine
so sad
but anyway
her live singing is Wow~~
i nearly wanted to go up stage le
but the ep don have le
is like so sad!!
she realli sing welll

I will upload the video ltr

10:19 PM,
love is floating in the air

Blogg abt tdy
today is laoda 21st early birthday celebration
they had a test tdy
hope they okok with it =DDD

and we met abt noon
and so qiao bump into bumbum at coffeeshop
den went to pack our lunch before gg for celebration

sang alot of songs
thanks for giving me the chance to sing
i oni sing so siao ding dongly in front ppl who close with me ok
whee~ sang quite emo songs .. kena scolding
but if i keep dancing to music veri tiring though can jian fei ... muahahahs
and im glad i nw cn control a lil better as now i don feel so much tension at throat while i go up
and nt so sore throat le

im glad laoda like her present
cannt find in SG one bah i guess
we import de wor
and hope u like e card though i put alot of ink den handwriting veri ugly
i write so long one to make it so nice and nvr eat my lunch yet eh
see i so nice..
hope u like e cake
i asked arnd for a long time to see which one to get ehh
and thnks for e fries n chicken
nice nice!!

next time we shall go sing again
i wanna sing to distress
and we cn chill
and anyway girls
don wuhui
is nt tht i wanna keep it from ur
but jux cos we knw one and another
so i felt abit weird to tel u all at tht pt of time
so nw ur knw alr
don angryyy lahh
next time
gt things must share share k!
and yea it is alr over!

9:50 PM,
love is floating in the air

been busy weeks~~
tiring bt had alot fun
update bout last week bah~

gt a long weekend
so on Fri which is public holiday, i went for a mini picnic .
everyone mux be wondering that i agree to go for a picnic ..

cos is to meet up with ken koh, i think nt many know who he is
he is so called- my nephew but is a crazy big uncle who likes to bully me
scary sia~
hope he had fun but so sorry i alr had appointment
but the picnic is scary cos of the worms we saw at the park ... there is millipede arnd which makes it so creepy and scary ... i don like insects ...

Then i went to find meizi ~ yesh yesh ... we went to our koi trip .. this time finalli i nt drinking milk tea but green tea is so sour cos is the meizi green tea bt is so refreshing sia~~
hahahah then we walked around J8 chi-chatted , had our dinner and hommeeee

then the saturday ..
had our meetup with the triplets
had lots of fun again fun n laughter hahahas...
n wht i cn sae wilson chua is nt a good person
cos he veri evil sia .. use thre trolley knock me violent lo
he still sae i am e one who is veri violent
but we gt wht we needed and is a realli wow trip hahahs
then was supposed to go somewhere for a performance~
in e end in vain cos the performance ended early and the performer alr left
luckily promised meizi go visit her
or else i will had made a wasted trip down from after meeting the triplet to somewhere
though is nt too far to go from there but ya
i think u gt what im tryin to say....

maybe sometimes i have to make things clear
maybe it will be Betta tht day
no one is assuming and whatsoever
maybe everything is too ambiguous now
is oki is alr over lets nt talk about it

and sun was hibernating


9:45 PM,
love is floating in the air

Sunday, September 5, 2010

long nvr update
been busy busy
and nth happening
so dint realli come bk to update

started my new job~
had some fun before i start on my new job
went to have lunch with frenzies
thn koi koi!!

I am in love with koi recently~
bubble tea bubble

Started my new job
stil adapting
bt i hope i will be doin jux fine there
i will jiayous d!
go go go all e way!
and realli touched by all my frens
when they see me so worried n afraid
they give me a lot of support
esp tht two secret fren
whom came to my house like in e night jux to pass me
my " lucky charm"

I bring it with my bag to work everyday nw~
and realli touched when i work
den i receive sms from frens asking
how r u tdy
i appreciate it yeah!

this weekend
settled alot of blogshop stuff
realli glad
n hope i cn juggle well!
n had alot of fun too
while buying
lookin fwrd to the long weekend coming
anyone free to go out

1:46 PM,
love is floating in the air